Crazy Car Insurance Claims and Excuses

When it comes to car insurance claims some people really do have a sense of humor . . . not to mention the motor insurance companies. The funniest part is that they probably don’t even mean to be amusing; they just say it how it is . . . sort of. You’ll soon see what I mean.
“As I was driving to my work at 7 o’clock this morning I reversed into a bus but it was not my fault, the bus was a full five minutes early” . . . . how about that for starters?


“I did slow down in line with the traffic in front but unfortunately it was more stationary than I expected it to be”
Question – “could either of the drivers involved in the accident have done something to avoid it?” – seems fair enough don’t you think, and here’s the ingenious answer “they could have taken the bus”.
“The windscreen suddenly broke for no apparent reasons – perhaps it was down to voodoo”.
“I had a collision with a stationary SUV which was driving in the other direction”.
The guys down at Ford Fontana love some of these . . . here are a few more.
“The car travelling in front of me was in a collision with a pedestrian, the pedestrian stood up to I hit her again”.
“An invisible car appeared from nowhere, crashed into my car and then completely disappeared again . . . it just vanished”.

Muscle car drawing

“When I arrived home I turned into the wrong house and crashed into a tree which we don’t have”.
“The other guy was crazy and veering all over the highway – I had to swerve many times before I eventually ran into him”.
“I tried to kill a fly but crashed into a tree”.
“The pedestrian ran into me and straight underneath my truck”.
“The accident happened because I was waving to the guy I ran over last week”.
“A house ran into my car”.
“The pedestrian made a quick dash for the sidewalk but I hit him just the same”.
“Nobody can be blamed for this accident although it wouldn’t have happened had the other driver been more alert”.
“I backed out of my driveway the same as usual, and hit the other car just like I have several times before”.
“I did knock down the pedestrian but it was his own fault – he admitted it – he’s been knocked down many times before”.
“The lady didn’t know which way to run so I just ran over her”.
“I did tell the traffic police man that I wasn’t injured but when I took my hat off I realized that my skull had been fractured”.
“I crashed into a tree which was completely obscured by humans”.
“The dude behind me crashed into my backside and then stopped in a bush whilst showing only his rear end”.
“The lamp post was approaching my car far too quickly, I tried to swerve and avoid it but it was too late, it struck my front end”.


“I legally parked my vehicle before it backed up into the vehicle behind”.
Some of these are unbelievable but they are all true . . . at least I believe that the people who made the claims were telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, don’t you?
At Fairview Ford they have a comprehensive selection of motors ready, willing and able to replace any cars which have been damaged and are undergoing insurance claims – no matter what the story is.