Design The Backyard Of Your Kid’s Dreams

A backyard is many things to many people. For your kid, it is a place to explore or a place to get dirty in the sandbox or play with friends. It’s an escape from you or a reward for homework and a place to practice fielding grounders or perfecting that coveted twelve to six curve. For me it was a place to look for bugs and play on the jungle gym. My brother and I was spend hours out back building “sally land.” Sallyland was an elaborate series of mud built tunnels and obstacle courses built for all of the salamanders we caught. And we caught more than a few. My memories of my childhood backyard are all so sweet, they’re all filled with dogs and trampolines, and heck, now that I’m writing this and thinking about it all, I’m really realizing how important that little bit of green was to me. And still is. If you have a kid or kids, you owe it to them to give them the backyard that they can grow and prosper in. It’s not hard. Think of your kids, what they like, and then go from there.


If your kid is a sports nut, you’ll definitely want to accommodate him or her and get some equipment to nurture his passions. This could include a ping pong table or even a teather ball court. Maybe even a basketball hoop. I had a “pitch back”, one of those nets with a strike zone, and when I’d pitch against it, the baseball would bounce back and I would field it. It was a great way to work on my pitching and fielding, but apparently not good enough, because I never made my high school team.

If your kid is more of a nature lover, the back yard is a great place for a telescope or a garden. Gardens are perfect teaching tools because they show the entire circle of life. A garden is a great analogy for the entire world. You and your kid can watch plants transform from seed to seedling and beyond. With my garden, I always note what bugs and birds come to feed, and nothing is as satisfying as eating a fruit or vegetable that you grow yourself. Who knows, maybe your kids will get so into nature that they’ll make a sally land of their own.


Whatever you choose to construct or design in your yard, you’ll need many supplies and a way to get them there. For me, there’s no vehicle better for hauling than a Dodge Ram. It is the quintessential American pickup truck and a perfect helper for any minor project. Dodge Rams are famous for their unrivaled power and elegant comfort. With all the safety features and inspired and convenient amenities, the new, 2014 fleet of Dodges is the best ever. If you’re interested in either a new truck or a new back yard, go online to either used cars cerritos or McPeek Dodge and get ready to build and haul.