How to Make Moving to a Small Town is Awesome

DTLA Nissan 7-1

Living in the suburbs does not have to mean only cookie cutter houses and soccer practice. There can be some really cool things about living outside a main city that many people never even think about. Here are three awesome reasons for living in the suburbs.

1. Small Businesses

Not all suburbs are strip malls and big box stores. Many older small towns are filled with small, local businesses that can really be pretty neat. Try to find a town that has a nice main street and values having a historic district. You will find every imaginable small business in places like this.

2. Lots of Stuff To Do

Not all activity takes place in the city. Many small towns will have all sorts of stuff set up for residents to do including farmer’s markets, parades and concerts. Many small towns also pride themselves on having nice park areas and biking and walking trails for people who live there, meaning they can be a great place to be if you like to be outside.

3. Nicer to Drive In

DTLA Nissan 7-2

One plus about not living in the city is not having city traffic. Many small towns have pretty minimal traffic, making driving much less stressful. When you are having your stress free drive, have a car to match, such as the Nissan XTerra from Alhambra Nissan. With sporty styling and a V6 engine, the XTerra not only works better in the suburbs, but will be fantastic when you decide you need something even more outdoorsy. Plus, you will have all sorts of comforts while you are driving as well, such as a premium navigation system and an interior that is easy to clean when you get things dirty. Find out about how to schedule a test drive of the XTerra today at Downtown Nissan.