Reading Cars – What Do They Say About the Driver?

Reading cars is something which we all do – even if we do it subconsciously. It really makes no difference whether you’re 18 or 55, the car you drive can tell a lot about you. Your likes, dislikes, desires, passions and personality are all scrutinized by others road users – do you know what you’re telling them about you?
Research has shown that people draw very quick conclusions about another person based solely on the car they drive. Apparently if you drive a car with a long hood then you’re a pretty arrogant person – the longer the hood the more arrogant you are perceived to be. On the flip side if your car has a large trunk then other drivers will naturally assume that you are a – how shall I put it – more mature driver. Yep, older drivers like plenty of trunk space.


So what’s the big deal? Isn’t a car simply a means of travelling from Point A to Point B in comfort – when did style come in to it? I suppose that the make and model of car you choose is a very transparent facet of your personality – the car is right there, sitting in the parking lot next to lots of other peoples cars saying look at me . . . haven’t I done well for myself / I’ve got a baby / I’ve got style / hey, I’ve got a couple of kids, no I don’t have time to wash the car every weekend.
Don’t think that car manufacturers don’t know all about this psyche, in particular the male psyche – after all it is usually the man of the house who gets to choose the family car which is why designers pander to their obsessions about size. I’m not sure about your house but in my experience it’s actually the women who generally get the final say and they are much more likely to be switched on by reliability, practicality and good old value for money but hey ho . . . what do I know?

Okay, let’s look a little closer at some examples:

Convertible cars – these are thought to be outright exhibitionists who aren’t so much saying “look at my car” as “look at me”. Driving with the top down isn’t to allow the sunshine and the fresh air but more to let their ego out.


Sports cars – these drivers are close to the convertible drivers with a few subtle exceptions. These are exhibitionists but they don’t do “nights out with the boys” – they drive a small car which has room for only one passenger, preferably a young, single and attractive lady.

SUV’s / 4 wheel drive trucks – these guys secretly harbor the desire to drive a tank straight over the top of your car – they aren’t interested in driving by, they want to drive over you. SUV’s and 4 wheel trucks are designed to drive over all sorts of terrain and they are just dying to try it out.

Sticker car driver – you know the sort, it doesn’t really matter what the make or model of car is because you can hardly see it for the collection of wobbly stickers which tell you all about his love / life and passions. First of all his other car is probably a Ferrari, he has a baby onboard and he has a sticker for almost every National Park in the country . . . he probably “hearts” New York too. This guy is ready and willing to open up every aspect of his life to the world . . . whether the world is ready for it or not.


Alright, that was a bit of fun but you know what I mean don’t you. Check out your local fiat dealership Los Angeles has some great ones – and pick out your next motor with care. OC Fiat is bound to have something which gives the right message about you.