What You Need A New Car Now


Though many automotive taxpayers, executives and politicians would love to ignore the industry’s near collapse just a few short years back, remembering those dark days puts the present state of affairs into proper perspective. 2012 is on target to see annual sales of 14.5 million, or 1.7 million over 2011, as being the Detroit Free Press reports.

Along with that good news is definitely the suggestion that shoppers who had put off the purchase of a whole new vehicle are returning to showrooms as buyers, many of whom are paying extra for special features and amenities. The result is one thing that has been painfully absent from much of the business over the past several years: Profit. The welcome influx of greenbacks benefits everyone along the chain, from the plant worker in the production line to a company’s top executives and shareholders.

This uptick in sales is also sure to put a smile on the faces of dealers. Alternatively, those contemplating purchasing a new-car franchise. That process can involve purchasing a pre-existing dealership, or starting a fresh business on your own, which may be an extremely time-consuming, expensive, and almost-certainly frustrating endeavor. To help readers understand what’s involved, we’ve broken down the basic principles of becoming a whole new-car dealer here.